About Unfettered Mind

What is Unfettered Mind?

Unfettered Mind is a Buddhist service organization that provides instruction, training programs, and guidance in Buddhist methods for being awake and present in your life.

Why would I use Unfettered Mind’s services?

Most people come to Unfettered Mind for one of three reasons:

  • Something is wrong with their lives and they seek an approach to change that involves spiritual work and goes beyond most forms of therapy.
  • They want to learn about Buddhism, practice meditation and understand how to incorporate Buddhist values and ethics into their lives.
  • They have had experiences of being awake and present, a moment of timelessness, a moment of no separation from experience, or a moment of freedom from the burden of self, and want to be as awake and present as possible.

Do I have to join to participate?

Membership is not necessary. In fact, it’s not possible as there is no membership for Unfettered Mind. Interested people and students work out the training and practice that is most useful to them from a combination of individual practice, individual study and periodic question and answer sessions.

Who provides the instruction?

The principal teacher is Ken McLeod. Ken began his studies in 1970 with the Tibetan meditation master, the Ven. Kalu Rinpoche. After receiving training in the Kagyu, Shangpa, and Nyingma traditions of Buddhism in Tibet, he was authorized by Kalu Rinpoche to teach and guide others in their practice. A translator and author, Ken established Unfettered Mind in 1990 and is the executive director of Unfettered Mind.

Currently, Ken is on an extended sabbatical with a focus on writing and translating. He is no longer meeting with students individually and no retreats or other programs are being held.

What is expected of me and what can I expect of others?

Unfettered Mind has established an ethical framework for interaction between the organization and donors, students and followers and between teachers and students. Please read this code so you are clear about what is expected of you and what you can expect of others.

What do I do if I have a problem with Unfettered Mind?”

Relationships are crucial to spiritual practice. At Unfettered Mind we are committed to appropriate and balanced relationships, between teacher and student, between donors and the organization, between the board and society, between volunteers and each other. However, in any relationship, problems may arise from time to time. While the best approach is to discuss and resolve any problem you have with the person or persons involved, this is not always possible. If you are not able to do so and feel the person (whether a teacher, a board member or a volunteer) has acted inappropriately, then Unfettered Mind has established a process to address the matter.

How do I find out more?

  • Sign up for the weekly practice tip/newletter.
  • Follow Unfettered Mind’s daily tweets.
  • Explore more of the web site.
  • Call or e-mail Unfettered Mind using our contact information below.

Unfettered Mind
8009 Ferrari Way
Windsor, CA 95492

Phone 310.243.6802

Executive Director:
Ken McLeod