All the Matter in the World
Translations | Training, Awareness

by Padmasambhava

All the matter of the world, living and not living,
Appear as objects to my eyes.
Let me rest in the appearance of things, without seeing them as things.
Empty clarity without fixation is the deity form.
I pray to my guru — naturally releasing empty appearance.

All the sounds of the world, pleasant or unpleasant,
Resound as objects in my ears.
Let me rest in silence in sound, inconceivable and inexpressible.
Silence in sound, without beginning or end, is the speech of the awakened.
I pray to my guru — naturally releasing sound-emptiness.

Whatever thoughts arise from the five poisons, emotional reactions,
Move as objects in my mind.
Let me rest, letting go of control, not awaiting or chasing them.
When I let movement settle naturally, it releases into true presence.
I pray to my guru — naturally releasing awareness.