Contemporary Session Prayers
Practices | Basics

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Beginning Practice

Four Instructions of Gampopa

Let my heart turn to practice.
Let practice become a path.
Let this path dissolve confusion.
Let confusion become wisdom.

Taking Refuge

Knowing there is nothing outside or inside to free me,
   I take refuge in buddha.
Knowing that experience and awareness are not two,
   I take refuge in dharma.
Knowing there is nothing to grasp or oppose,
   I take refuge in sangha.

      Repeat three times

Awakening Intention

Beings are numberless: may I free them all.
Reactions are endless: may I release them all.
Doors to experience are infinite: may I enter them all.
Ways of awakening are limitless: may I know them all.

Repeat three times

Four Immeasurables

May all beings enjoy happiness and the seeds of happiness.
May they be free from suffering and the seeds of suffering.
May they not be separate from true happiness free of suffering.
May they rest in great equanimity, free from preference and prejudice.

      Repeat three times

Ending Practice


Goodness comes from this practice now done.
Let me not hold it just in me.
Let it spread to all that is known
And awaken good throughout the world.

Aspiration for Awakening Mind

Awakening mind is precious.
May it arise where it has not arisen.
May it not fade where it has arisen.
May it ever grow and flourish.

Good Fortune

Everything known — nothing to understand.
Everything clear — nothing to explain.
Everything in its place — nothing to do.
May the joy of this way touch beings everywhere.