Eight Thoughts of Great Individuals
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By the power of the truth of compassion of all the supreme refuges, these seeds of virtue and this pure noble motivation

May all the suffering of sentient beings who are as extensive as space be cleared away through my own efforts.

By excellent virtue, both ordinary and transcendent, may the hopes and wants of beings be fulfilled.

May the flesh, blood, skin, and other parts of my body be useful to any sentient being who has need of them.

May the suffering of all beings, my grandmothers, be absorbed by me. May they all receive my virtue and happiness.

As long as I dwell in the world, may not a single thought of harming others arise in my mind.

May I strive energetically for the welfare of beings, not faltering even for a moment from discouragement or fatigue.

For all beings who are poor, hungry, or thirsty, may I be able to give them whatever they want effortlessly.

All the great burdens of intolerable suffering, such as the hell realms, may I take on myself. May those beings be free of them.

Composed by Karma Rangjung Kunchab (Kalu Rinpoche), translated by Ken McLeod