Mind Training in Eight Verses
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Langri Tangpa Dorjé Sengé (1054 -1123)

Each sentient being is to me
More valuable than a magic gem.
Because my aim is the highest good,
I will always treasure them.

No matter where, no matter who,
In no way am I better, I deem.
As for others, in my heart
I hold them humbly in high esteem.

Whatever I’m doing, I check inside.
As soon as any reactions arise
That threaten others or threaten me,
I dispel them at once, unequivocally.

When I see someone bad or evil,
His wicked life weighing him down,
Being so rare, I treasure him
As if a priceless gem I’d found.

When scorn and insult become my lot,
Expressions of some jealousy,
I alone accept defeat
And award the other victory.

Whenever someone I have helped,
For whom I had great hopes and plans,
Betrays me without cause or ground,
I honor him as a teacher I’ve found.

To sum up, one way or another,
Joy and good to my mothers I send.
Their pain and struggles, again and again,
Known only to me I take right in.

All these, then, I will not degrade
With aims based on the eight concerns.
Knowing experience is a magic spell,
I don’t hold on — the chains let go.