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This website is the online repository for Ken McLeod’s work in translating and teaching the practice of Buddhism.

This work falls into four categories:

Teachings: podcasts and transcripts of Ken’s teachings from classes, retreats and workshops

Practices: meditation practices that Ken has composed for students

Translations: contemporary English renderings of traditional Tibetan texts, prayers and practices

Articles: long and short essays published in Tricycle, The Buddhadharma and other national publications as well as in Unfettered Mind’s newsletters

Rights and permissions

Unfettered Mind retains all rights to the content on this website while freely allowing people to distribute individual pieces in their entirety with attribution but not for commercial gain as specified in the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

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Podcast transcriptions are the work of a dedicated group of volunteers who have undertaken the task of transcribing, editing and publishing transcripts of all teachings currently available as podcasts. For more details on the team and their process, see Transcription: Who and How.

QT Luong has kindly made available many of the photographs you see in rotation on our home page and throughout the site. We thank him for his generosity and encourage you to visit his site, Terra Galleria.