Complaint Procedure

1. The person with the complaint shall submit to the President of Unfettered Mind all of following:

(a) the name of the person(s) to whom the matter pertains;

(b) a written description of the alleged inappropriate action;

(c) a clear and complete statement of the issue to be considered, including all of the facts known to the complainant and the names of all witnesses thereto;

(d) a copy of all communications, whether in writing, by video, or otherwise recorded, between the complainant and the person(s) to whom the matter pertains (this will help the President and/or Board more fully understand the interaction between all concerned); and

(e) a statement of the resolution sought.

A complaint may be submitted to the president of Unfettered Mind by
or by letter. The mailing address is:
       Unfettered Mind
       110 Merida Dr.
       Sonoma, CA 95476

2. The person making the complaint may request an in-person meeting with the President of Unfettered Mind; if for any reason the President determines that he or she is not the appropriate person to so act, the President may appoint a member of the Board of Directors to act in the President’s place.

3. The person who allegedly acted inappropriately shall respond to the allegation in writing to the President within one week after the President receives in writing the information sought under paragraph 2 above.

4. If the President is named in the complaint, the President shall recuse himself or herself and another member of the Board of Directors not named in the complaint shall take the above steps.

5. The Board shall investigate the complaint in order to determine whether there has been a violation of the organization’s policies on sexual harassment or professional misconduct.

6. This investigation may include interviews separately with the complainant, the person against whom the complaint is made, or any other relevant person.

7. Based on the information gathered, the Board shall adjudicate the complaint. If the Board determines that the person or persons (whether a teacher, a board member or a volunteer) have acted inappropriately, they will hold the person(s) responsible accountable including the possibility of sanctions. If the Board determines that they did not act inappropriately, they will exonerate the person against whom the complaint was made. The Board will notify in writing both the complainant and the person against whom the complaint was made of its determination and subsequent action.