A Trackless Path – Book

A fluid contemporary translation of Jigmé Linpa’s Revelations of Ever-present Good, accompanied by a deeply moving and insightful commentary, makes this mystical poem about the practice of Dzogchen relevant and accessible to today’s seeker.

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Reflections on Silver River – Book

This translation and commentary brings to life the verse teachings of Tokme Zongpo and shows us how to understand for ourselves the ancient wisdom and profound compassion in Thirty-Seven Practices Of A Bodhisattva.

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Wake Up To Your Life – Book

The key to becoming fully alive and joyful is to develop our natural capacity for attention and to be fully present here and now. In this informative guide to practical Buddhism you’ll discover how to live life with equanimity, cut through obsessions with the external world, and tried-and-true methods for cultivating active attention.

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Wake Up To Your Life – Audio Recording

The entire text of Wake Up To Your Life read by the author. Available as a digital download or as a series of MP3s on a CD.

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An Arrow To The Heart – Book

A non-traditional translation and commentary of the Heart Sutra which throws the reader into the very emptiness the Heart Sutra describes. The result is a sense of previously unsuspected possibilities that illuminate every nook and cranny of your life.

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