Monsters Under The Bed
Teachings | Basics
Meditation often makes us aware of things we’d rather ignore. Yet if we don’t pay attention to these monsters under the bed they creep up on us when we aren’t aware and take over our lives. This series of talks, recorded during 2007 retreat at Mt. Baldy, explains the monsters’ origins, the challenges they represent, and how to overcome them.





Part 1: The Basics of MeditationDownload

Review of basic meditation, basic means foundational, rest in the experience of breathing; breath is life; relinquishing control and the repeated experience of failure; the body breathes, brings attention to the experience of the body; letting the body find its way to sit vs. imposing a posture; fine points in attuning to the body; attention consists of resting and listening, how to rest and how to listen; short Q&A session