37 Practices of a Bodhisattva – Workshop 7
This series includes an in-depth commentary on each of the 37 practices and how to implement them in your life. Recorded during a 2006 retreat at Mt. Baldy.





Part 7a – Practices 18, 19Download

Reflection Questions: Why is existence described as magnificent? (verse 19), How can I achieve balance between the two extremes described in these verses? (verses 18 & 19), How does taking and sending work? (verse 18)

Part 7b – Practices 18, 19 (continued)Download

Reflection Questions, continued: Verse 19 doesn’t seem directly related to taking and sending. What is the intention behind it? Why does giving things away through taking and sending feel better than regarding them as an empty experience? (verse 18), How can I maintain sufficient attention and awareness to do these practices so my patterns finally dissipate?